I’ve been using version control systems for almost as long as I have been programming professionally. I started with Visual SourceSafe (VSS) which was Windows based. I haven ended up with using Git for the last few years exclusively. While I enjoy the power I get on the CLI, there are times it would be nice to have a UI tool in order to see some of the features that Git has to offer. That is where GitKraken came to help.

GitKraken is easy to use. Some of the features that come in handy are checking out branches, fast forwarding different branches, submitting pull requests and commits.

You can do the typical functions of other GUI Git clients, but merging two branches is so easy! You just drag the branch you want to merge to the other and it’s done. Voila!

Gitkraken also allows edits in the app. This is a nice feature to have when you have to make quick changes.

The diff tool is great to have in the GUI and helps to see the changes as well as get to the differences.

Staging is easily seen with this GUI client. Merging conflicts becomes a bit easier when you are able to visualize them and make selections easily.

GitKraken connects to many of the Git products out there such as GitHub, and GitLab easily. You can also be connected to multiple sessions simultaneously.

If you are thinking of looking at GitKraken, here is a link to it.

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